Digital Warfare

During Thursday night’s Intro to Digital Communications’ live session, we broke out into groups to discuss solutions for the digital divide. To curb the social divide, my group suggested a panel debate on the issue of government funded public access; for the divide caused by personal choice our recommendation was a talk on digital education in our schools so that our younger generations will grow up fully understanding technology and media and the importance of both. It was the topic of the global divide, however, that really got my wheels turning.

Digital censorship in countries such as China has always perplexed and vexed me. As Americans, we have always prided ourselves on standing up to global injustices. There are many instances, such as in the case of the Nazi Regime in World War Two, in which we have sent our troops to defend the basic human rights of citizens of other countries. In the digital era, should uncensored digital access be considered a basic human right?

My proposal, therefore, as a solution to the global divide, was digital or cyber warfare. My group shot this down as too extreme, but I couldn’t help but wonder if this was ever considered… so I dug a little deeper after class. We have groups like Anonymous that wage cyber warfare, however, has the U.S. government or the United Nations ever considered a type of cold war utilizing digital attacks as opposed to physical attacks?

Cyber Attacker

In my research, I ended up finding an article documenting the fact that the Chinese government has been proactive on the digital warfare front, even recruiting “digitalized units” for cyber attacks against the U.S.! Now the question isn’t just of waging digital war for the sake of defending citizens of other countries, but of defending our own citizens. I hypothesized last week that our local police officers would soon evolve from mainly physically fit and trained individuals to media savvy individuals, such as ourselves. This week I would extend that statement to our nation’s soldiers. In fact, if I continue to dig, I’m fairly certain I will find that this evolution is already underway.

xoxo Newhouse, New Ally 💁


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