Big Data’s Impact on Recruitment

The big topic of Big Data…

Big data, deemed “big” due to the scale of the four V’s – Volume, Variety, Velocity and Veracity – is, indeed, the BIG topic of the digital era (okay, I will stop with the not-so-clever puns now).

For many, big data is an elusive term with an exact meaning unknown that simply represents in their minds a personal loss of privacy. For me, it is a prevalent and transparent part of my daily life. Working in the advertising department of a newspaper in the digital era, I am the person that profits off of all of the data privacy you give up. Not only do I profit, however, but my clients do as well- in a BIG way (clearly, I lied…).

My specialization in the advertising department is in the recruitment industry. I develop multi-media advertising campaigns for my clients in order to help them recruit the best of the best for their open positions.

What is my favorite tool in order to achieve this goal? Big data!

Imagine for a second that you are a human resource specialist at a large hospital in the Syracuse area that lost four registered nurses in the past month for various reasons (relocation, higher salary offer, let go by the company, etc.). You need to recruit new employees that can step in without missing a beat, right? Ideally, you would want to reach out to the healthcare professionals within a 30 mile radius of Syracuse, NY that identify themselves as “job seekers.” Big data makes this a reality! With the use of targeted digital display advertising campaigns, made possible by big data, you can reach those local job seekers in the healthcare profession with ease.

As you can see, in my line of work, big data is a miracle worker. This technology helps these recruiters to get away from the shotgun approach of traditional newspaper advertising in which you are simply putting your message out to a large mass of people, hoping that it reaches the right audience. Instead, big data allows my clients to minimize wasted impressions by putting their message only in front of only an audience that is likely to find it relevant. In fact, in this scenario, the audience wins as well because these individuals are being conveniently provided with useful and personalized information for their lives.

Though the breach of privacy connected with the topic of big data is a legitimate concern, the clear benefits to vendor, advertiser and consumer are too BIG to completely ignore- 😉 .

If you have any additional thoughts on the topic of big data, or simply want to yell at me for my shameless puns throughout this reflection, tweet me @allymp507!

xoxo Newhouse, New Ally 💁

Targeted Advertisement for Community College
Just for fun- take a look at the time I was the face of a targeted digital display advertising campaign!

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