The Future of Digital Journalism

Is there a future in a career in digital journalism?

If you asked me whether I thought there SHOULD be, my answer would be- yes, absolutely!

However, when asked if there WILL be- I am not so optimistic.

While digital journalism will certainly continue to exist and thrive, the key word in the above question is “career.” One of the most amazing, and overwhelming, facets of the internet is that everyday citizens are provided with the platform to broadcast their thoughts, observations and opinions globally with ease. It is not surprising, then, that people like to take advantage of this power and freedom! Unfortunately, what seems to be happening is that professional digital journalists’ voices are beginning to get lost in the shuffle. As I also believe that digital journalism will eventually be the only kind of journalism, this is a troublesome reality for my journalist friends, classmates and colleagues. How can these professionals compete with so many individuals willing to do their job for free? 

Though there are many non-professionals “covering” news stories today and more than enough places for individuals, like myself, to read on a given event, I question whether they are quality sources. What ends up happening is that I always have to make up for the loss in quality by reading a large quantity of stories on the same event in order to feel like I have an accurate depiction of what actually occurred. Professional journalists are held accountable for accuracy, the everyday citizen is not.

I hope that, as a society, we continue to value the work of quality, professional journalists and that they are able to make lasting careers in the field. Again, I am, unfortunately, not optimistic.

Should I be? Tweet me @allymp507 and let me know!

xoxo Newhouse, New Ally 💁



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