When Print and Digital Collide

Print and Digital Newspaper

Advertising in the newspaper industry has been greatly impacted in the past few years by the rise of digital. I have worked in the advertising department of a newspaper for just under two years now and, in even that amount of time, the push for digital sales/revenue has increased exponentially.

When I first began working at the newspaper, my primary focus was selling print advertisements that simply came with a bit of an online presence as an added bonus/extra exposure for the client. Now, digital is my primary focus, so much so that I am even paid a higher percent commission on digital sales than I am for print sales. At first, this was frustrating to me because I could not wrap my head around why the company cared what “pot” the revenue was going into, as long as the revenue was there. I now realize that this is a part of a larger corporate strategy to stay relevant in the digital era. Advertising dollars globally are moving towards digital and if we do not claim them, someone else will.

This push towards digital is so strong that the company that owns our newspaper, along with many others across the county, has purchased a marketing company that specializes in all things digital. This has allowed us to offer digital services such as SEM, SEO, targeted display advertising, and even website creation. To offer some perspective, at the moment, out of my $60,000 overall monthly revenue goal, $30,000 must be digital products fulfilled in-house, such as ads on our newspaper’s website, and $2,000 must be products, like the ones previously mentioned, fulfilled by this digital marketing company we have purchased. This means that less than 50% of the monthly revenue I bring into the advertising department comes from print. I predict that this percentage will only get lower and lower as the years go on as the company fights to stay relevant in the digital era.

What percentage of my advertising revenue goal do you predict will be print a year from today? Tweet me @allymp507 and let me know!

xoxo Newhouse, New Ally 💁


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