Questions for PETA Regarding Twitter Usage

Though I have found a variety of sources relevant to my case study on PETA’s use of Twitter as a tool for advocacy, there are a few questions that I would like answered by PETA directly.

Since I am focusing on PETA’s Twitter usage, I thought it fitting to reach out to the team at PETA via a short and sweet tweet. As I had reached out to PETA in the past through the use of a tweet and had received a response within hours, I was fairly confident that I would hear back from them. I mean…it is for good reason that I chose the topic I did for my case study. PETA’s Twitter skills are on point.

Below is the short exchange between myself and the team at PETA.

Tweet exchange between @allymp and @PETA

After emailing the address provided to me in the tweet I was reached out to by the Vice President of Marketing for PETA, Joel Bartlett. As a devout vegan- this was an exiting moment for me! It is amazing the people we are able to be put in contact with through the power of social media.

Of course, he asked for a bit more on the purpose and direction of my paper and noted that an email interview would be the best method for them to provide me with the most detailed and accurate information possible (clearly they have a strict AND smart marketing team!) so I sent the following questions his way for him to forward along to the appropriate person.

  • What is your title/role at PETA?
  • What kind of meetings do you have in order to plan Twitter content?
  • ­What kind of strategies do you develop? Are these strategies prepared as a team?
  • Do you sponsor tweets or target a specific demographic? If so, who do you target?
  • How much engagement do you receive via Twitter?
  • What is your opinion on your advocacy efforts via Twitter?
  • What, thus far, would you say has been your most effective Twitter campaign and why?
  • How do you measure the success of your Twitter efforts? Do you consider them successful?­­­­
  • If you had to group your various tweets into four categories (ex. how-to’s, infographics, shock advertisements, celebrity support, data driven tweets, etc.) what would they be?
  • Anything else you would like to share?

Fingers crossed that I receive a response!!

If you notice any important questions I may have forgotten to include, tweet me @allymp507 and let me know.

xoxo Newhouse, New Ally 💁


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