The Word on WordPress

The greatest thing about WordPress is it’s intuitive nature. You can have little to no experience with website management or blogging and you can easily get your WordPress site, at least the free version, up an running without the need of any training or tutorials. That’s a major time saver, not to mention a money saver. 

I have worked with other CMSs in the past, and not all are this user-friendly. When I worked in the office of Marketing and Communications at a local college, I needed extensive training before being set on my own to manage the web content. I then was in charge of providing that same extensive training to anyone else working on the website’s back end. If the CMS had been WordPress, none of that would be necessary. Think of how much money that could have saved the college. They put a great deal of money into training the manpower on how to work the CMS.

I do wonder, however, the extent of capabilities available through WordPress. The free version is clearly limited, unless you know CSS/HTML. For example, is there a way to add a carousel to the front page? Can I have a live feed from an alternate blog or social network on the site? How about a virtual marketplace; can I sell items via WordPress? These are all things that I have to look into further. They very well may be capabilities of the CMS, but did not stand out to me while experimenting with the platform. Overall, I would say the free version is really only usable for personal use.

I cannot yet comment on the capabilities of the premium version as I do not have experience with it, but that may very well be better positioned for an enterprise use.


Do you have experience with the premium version? Tweet me @allymp507 and let me know your thoughts!

xoxo Newhouse, New Ally 💁


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